About Us

Who We Are & What We Do?

Founded in April 2013, Baffup online is a foremost Nigerian online fashion store born out of the burning desire to redefine the culture of sales, purchase and delivery of clothing and assessories, providing it with the most befitting facelift.
our love for domestic patronage is the brain behind why our platform has been designed to not just accommodate local and international merchants but also to help Local with the handling of logistics so as to promote the ease of doing business,hereby Promoting Products Made By High Quality Products made by Naija,In Naija For the Great People of Naija

How We Roll?

With Baffup Online, placing orders and deliveries has never been easier, "As every delivery is an express one"- right from the point where our customers place their orders, The combined expertise of our seasoned team ensures a clinical execution down to the manner at which our delivery experts  do justice to the delivery process which ensures these orders get to our customers' doorsteps in time and in the best of conditions,This for sure is why we are second to none, when it comes to Online Fashion Shopping in Africa

Our Prices & Payment Options?

Secondary is the fact that we accept all kinds of payments options ranging from cash on delivery(within some major states)  to payment through all forms of cards. the primary mystery is that our prices are about the lowest you can find anywhere within the country, while still guaranteeing fabulous quality.

The Truth About Our 7 Days Return Policy
we love our customers, no doubt, which is why we feel the need to do more than just profess our love for  them on the internet is imminent. our 7 days return policy avails every of our customers to return (within 7 days) any of our products they arent satisfied with, for us to immediately replace it you. We feel this will to a large extent strengthen the trust and confidence you have for us.

Merchant Acquisition Program?

The plan here is straightforward, we want to help our merchants do all their hard-works while they take sometime to rest and continuously  receive credit alerts(Like GBAGAM).
So are you a budding entrepreneur or fashion designer who is finding it difficult breaking into your target audience despite you high level of skills? worry less because our platform will give you even more than you envisaged. how?
Our merchant acquisition program is such that has been designed to help our merchants increase their sales and revenue by enlisting their Products on our huge platform where customers can easily stumble upon them.we also create a marketing budget for each merchant and  the most interesting thing about this platform is that you wont be charged any penny for showcasing your products until a sale has been made. to crown it all up, we will send you your money immediately someone buys your Product from us.
don't forget, we are doing this to relieve you of stress.

Contact Us today to have a feel of what we mean when we say nothing brings us more joy than seeing our customers smile