Top 5 Car Security Tips You Must Know To Help Your Personal Safety

Losing your car can be one of the most frustrating things an individual will ever have to pass through. It is even worse when you didn’t prepare for such, and neither insured it or installed a simple GPS car tracking.

The major reasons people don’t prepare for all these are plenty, but all revolve around carelessness. Many people have lost their cars at the car parks, at gunpoint, and even to their drivers.

You have the same number of heads as them. Lol! Anyone can be a victim and trust me, they didn’t see it coming, and that’s exactly why you should take precautions moments before that.

Now, what are these car security tips you should know? They are things you may have read on one or two blogs, the newspapers, or even magazines.

If you already knew, kudos! You just have to refresh your knowledge, and if you will just be seeing them for the first time, congratulations, it’s time to safe guide your precious vehicles.

5 Top Car Security Tips You Should Know

They are very important security tips, and should never be seen as irrelevant:

Make sure you have a car tracker installed

Never underestimate the importance of car tracking devices, especially when it has to do with safe guiding your vehicles.

Most of them are very affordable, and you can get a good car tracking company in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos, and Ibadan.

I don’t know about what is obtainable in other countries, but considering the level of insecurities here, always prioritize the importance of car tracking in Nigeria. These are because we don’t have enough security devices to safe guide our humans, and the Police would only end up extorting you and would rarely get back your car if it is ever stolen.

They can only help you when you have a car tracker installed, and you could give them a hint of where to get it back from.

Always be mindful of where you park

If you park your car in your garage, a CCTV would be a very nice idea, especially if your compound is open.

However, most Nigerian compounds have gates, and so the vehicles are, to some extent, protected while at home.

Now, when you go outside the house to a mall, bank, or even religious gathering, never park it far from where you can have easy access. It is very necessary.

Make sure you install a car alarm

It comes automatically with some vehicles, but you can get one if it isn’t available for yours. This will help you get alerted whenever someone touches your vehicle and trust me; it helps a lot!

Do not tempt hoodlums

Laptops, mobile phones, and other valuables should be kept in places where they will not be seen easily. Even while driving, you could be targeted by criminals once they spot any of these things, and you may never tell the number of damages that would cost.

Some will end up taking your vehicle along with them, and who knows, that would have been avoided if you hid the items.

Fix an immobilizer

Immobiliser will help the vehicle disable some of its functions whenever the ignition is fixed in wrongly. It can disable the started pump or even a fuel pump.

Either way, your little ‘baby’ is safe! No matter what it takes, never let your carelessness make you pass through the stress of having to recover a missing automobile.

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